Munchkin the squirrel from Tompkins County Recycling Center Munchkin

Munchkin was a juvenile that got so hungry he found himself trapped in a dumpster at the Tompkins County Recycling Center.  A concerned employee of the center brought him to WWW for rearing and release.


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Rocky the flying squirrel was a juvenile when he was caught by a cat and suffered from several bites.


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Mortimer the Field Mouse was another cat attack case. Although he lost a couple of small patches of hair, he was otherwise unhurt. After less than a day in a warm room with plenty of food, he was pleading to stay. 


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Pepe Le PU came to us as a seven ounce orphan. He left us three months later weighing a healthy five pounds.

Little Orphan "Annie" pictured here failed this first attempt to release her in her natural habitat. However, she was good enough to allow us to get this beautiful picture of her. Three days later, she agreed it was time to explore the world and has not been seen since.


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Birth Defects


"Stumpy" was an unusual case.  He was born with many birth defects that caused us to question his chances for survival after release.  We tested his ability to climb trees. As you see, he had no problem climbing this large elm.  Coming down was a bit more precarious of a feat for him. 


It is very unusual for a pregnant raccoon to end up in rehab but a few years ago we accepted two pregnant females. The pictures are not very clear but there are four newborns who became celebrities within an hour of birth.


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Fortunately, the majority of our residents are healthy orphans. Their mother may have been killed by a car, a person or another animal. Sadly, a number of babies arrive with life threatening injuries that require intensive attention.


WARNING: The pictures here are medically graphic and may be found offensive. Click here if you wish to continue. ALL of the babies pictured here survived their wounds.

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